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TUTORIAL: Even More Physics in After Effects

Years ago, I worked for a broadcast design agency or "trailer house" as they're sometimes called, and every year, we were tasked to create sizzle reels for various shows for the different TV networks and their "upfront presentations".

What are "upfronts"? I'm glad you asked!

Each year, every network holds a presentation (or, in some instances, a party) to celebrate all the brands that advertise on their network. At these "presentations" the networks show off all the great content they're producing for the coming TV season, and it's at these presentations where the networks set advertising rates for the TV shows that will be on the network over the next year.

So, if I'm Proctor & Gamble, and I want to buy advertising time for Tide or Crest during the final season of THE BIG BANG THEORY, then it's at the upfront presentation where the rate for a 30 second commercial will be set.

One of these seasons, we created some title cards for a comedy TV show pilot (that never got picked up and turned into an actual series). The main character of this show was a stand up comedian (a la Jerry Seinfeld or Jim Gaffigan...which we also created title cards for, but CBS passed on the show and it ended up on TV Land...but that's another story), and the Art Director had the idea to create some title cards in the vein of LAST COMIC STANDING. She wanted to have text drop from the rafters and bounce onto the stage floor.

Since we didn't have a lot of time, and I just happened to have recently purchased Newton 2 by Motion Boutique from, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use the plugin for this very task! Then it was decided that the text should be 3D and there should be lights inside of the text. So Element 3D was chosen for this task.

The following tutorial is a recreation of these title card animations to show you how we got the job done.

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